Possibilities Within Limits

During these times of constant transition, sometimes the path ahead seems obscure. What possibilities might we find ahead? What obstacles might we encounter?

We come to contemplate these questions again and again throughout our lifetimes, arriving at different answers each time. This interactive service will offer us an encounter with the question: What are the possibilities
within limits in your life currently?

Possibilities Within Limits 

September 19th, 2021 @ 11am 


Gathering Music Annette Gurnee Hull

      “Sinfonia 8, BWV 794” by J.S. Bach 

      “Sinfonia 9, BWV 795” by J.S. Bach 

Welcoming Words & Housekeeping – Ann Kilby

Chalice Lighting -Choosing the Possibilities of Thriving- Laura Phelan-Shahin

Aspiration –  Laura Phelan-Shahin

Joy, Sorrows & Celebrations Ann Kilby

Story For All Ages – Parable “Farmer” – Laura Phelan-Shahin

Opening Hymn – “Morning has Broken” Bob Billstrom & Maggie Moore

Sharing of Possibility  – Laura Phelan-Shahin

*Offertory Intro – Ann Kilby

Offertory “Prelude BWV 926” by J.S. BachAnnette Gurnee Hull

Sharing of Possibility  – Scarlett Trippsmith

 Sharing of Possibility – Ann Kilby

Song – “Anything is Possible & Everything Occurs” – ​​Harriet Hill

Journaling Exercise  Scarlett Trippsmith 

Closing Words & Chalice ExtinguishingAnn Kilby

“Go Now in Peace”Annette Gurnee Hull

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