Speaker: Laura Phelan-Shahin

The Service Service

Join Laura and Margy as they explore service as a spiritual practice. Then form small groups and use deep listening skills to learn about one another’s experiences with service and volunteerism. Questions offered as starting points for conversation are: What has been your relationship to volunteerism and how has it evolved over the course of … Continue reading The Service Service

Transforming Conflict

“Lasting change, the kind that seeps into people’s hearts, has only ever come through a combination of pressure and good conflict,” writes journalist and conflict mediator Amanda Ripley. Using Rev. Dr. Terasa G. Cooley’s book, Transforming Conflict, and other sources, Laura and Margy will explore ways to build intimacy while navigating conflict. Honing tools like deep listening and covenants, and … Continue reading Transforming Conflict

Deep Listening

Deep, compassionate listening is essential to peaceful relationships. The purpose of Deep Listening is to hear another person on a factual and emotional level and to hold the speaker in compassion and respect so the speaker knows they have been heard. Laura, a group therapist, and Margy, a small-group leader and teacher, will talk about … Continue reading Deep Listening