Practicing Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving nears, this service will consider ideas and practices that help us live with constant gratitude. Rev. Farriday will also discuss the observance of Native American Heritage Day on Nov. 26. This day includes thankfulness for all those who are correcting distorted history and restoring native wisdom.

“Practicing Thanksgiving”

November 21st, 2021 11:00 am 


Call to Connection – Bonnie MacGregor

Gathering Music- “Navajo Vocable for Piano No.9” by Connor Chee

– Annette Gurnee Hull

Welcome and Acknowledgments – Rev. Peter Farriday 

Chalice Lighting & Aspiration* – Bonnie MacGregor 

Choir Hymn** – Hymn #1010, “We Give Thanks” 

– HUUF Choir & Gaoyi “Dexter” Xiao on Piano 

Time for All Ages“Thanksgiving Facts and Fictions”

– Bonnie MacGregor & Rev. Peter Farriday  

Sing Out the Children*** “Go Now in Peace”
– Annette Gurnee Hull

Joys & Concerns – Rev. Peter Farriday

Reading from Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer 

– Bonnie MacGregor

Choir MusicAsk and it Shall be Given,” by Jonathan Adams

– HUUF Choir 

Sermon – Rev. Peter Farriday  

Offertory**** – “Navajo Prelude for Piano No.2” by Connor Chee

 – Annette Gurnee Hull

Closing Words & Benediction – Rev. Peter Farriday

Extinguishing the Chalice – Bonnie MacGregor

Closing SongNavajo Vocable for Piano No.8, by Connor Chee

– Annette Gurnee Hull