Reimagining the 7 UU Principles – “Love is the power that holds us together:”

While this congregation has been reimagining ministry in these times, the larger Unitarian Universalist Association of congregations has begun discussing a proposal to transform the conceptual language of what we share as UU’s from shared Principles to shared Values. Whether raised a Unitarian Universalist, recently started exploring this ‘living tradition,’ or active participant, the proposed conceptual changes will impact how we think about ourselves as a people and how we live in the world. Come join us as we share information about the proposals and discuss them amongst us.

Come learn about the history of the current core Unitarian Universalist Principles; the context for proposed changes; and, a colorful presentation of the new language and vision of love at the center of our shared values inspiring us to live out these values. Participants will go away with a comparison of language to study and consider in preparation for discussion the next Sunday.

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