May 7th – May 13th

“Stories are the currency of human relationships .
~ Robert Mckee



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~To the Beloved Community,

Prayer for All Who Mother
~by Victoria Weinstein

We reflect in thanksgiving this day for all those whose lives have nurtured ours.
The life-giving ones
Who heal with their presence
Who listen in sympathy
Who give wise advice … but only when asked for it.
We are grateful for all those who have mothered us
Who have held us gently in times of sorrow
Who celebrated with us our triumphs — no matter how small
Who noticed when we changed and grew,
who praised us for taking risks
who took genuine pride in our success,
and who expressed genuine compassion when we did not succeed.
On this day that honors Mothers
let us honor all mothers
men and women alike
who from somewhere in their being
have freely and wholeheartedly given life, and sustenance, and vision to us.
Dear God, Mother-Father of us all,
grant us life-giving ways
strength for birthing,
and a nurturing spirit
that we may take attentive care of our world,
our communities, and those precious beings
entrusted to us by biology, or by destiny, or by friendship, fellowship or fate.
Give us the heart of a mother today. Amen



Join us this Saturday!



HUUF Zoom Opportunities for Connection & Conversation

Just a reminder:              

As we continue to stay (hopefully) in the lower-risk “orange tier” for Covid-19, some of our small group circles have shifted to In-Person.

This coming Thursday, May 13th, HUUF Co-President David Marshak, will be hosting our monthly Open Soul Matters group, from 10-11:30 am. at HUUF!

Weather allowing, unmasked and outdoors at the patio picnic tables.  If the sky should turn dreary and weepy, masked and safely distanced inside the Sanctuary.

Click the link for more info:

“Nature Speaks”

Saturday, May 15th 2:30pm – 4:30pm
Humboldt Universalist Unitarian Fellowship grounds – Bayside, CA
Suggested Donation $25
Space is Limited – RSVP Required
When we take time to pause from our ordinary life, quiet ourselves and allow our curious hearts to be our eyes and ears, we may find ourselves in a new and mysterious territory. Where the Plants, Animals, Trees, and, Elements become our stewards and guides. In this state, we learn directly from the source how to deepen our connection and work in conscious partnership with Nature’s many treasures towards common goals.

The Land, Nature & the Elements are conscious; they invite experiences and circumstances that seek to guide us towards balance and enhance our understanding of interconnectedness. We don’t have to live in the wilderness to access their wisdom and healing. Their power and intelligence are all around and within us, it’s always accessible and each of us has an inherent capability to speak directly with Nature.

In this engaging and highly experiential circle participants can expect to experience a series of drum and/or rattle journeys to establish a direct connection with and receive guidance and healing directly from the Land, Trees, Plants, Animals, and Elements themselves for connection and enhanced well-being.

RSVP to or text your name and email address to (707) 397-0018. Details including what to bring with you & how to submit a donation will be sent via email a few days before we gather.

COVID 19 Protocols & Agreements: 
All participants of this circle agree to wear a face mask and observe physical distancing of at least 6 feet apart upon arrival and throughout our time together. If you’ve tested positive or have been exposed to someone who has COVID within the last 30 days, or are feeling unwell please stay home and join us in spirit.

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Join the HUUF Climate Action Campaign for their next meeting – Sunday, May 9 @ 1PM
Join the Zoom meeting with this: 

Tell Congress to Support an Infrastructure Plan that Tackle Climate Change!
Join the interfaith chorus for climate justice by contacting your representative today.



Marianne Pennekamp!

Our Beloved Marianne turns 97 years old on May 14!
This year for practical reasons there will be no formal party BUT, Marianne welcomes cards, phone calls and safe one on one visits.

Please contact Peter Pennekamp by text at 707-616-1360 to schedule visits

Members and Friends and invited to welcome Rehema Tinkamanyire to our extended Fellowship family. Rehema, a Pennekamp family relation, who recently moved to the states from Uganda, will be arriving in Humboldt on May 29th. She has offered up her time and talents to care for Marianne full time. She will be living with Marianne but will know no one else (aside from Peter Pennekamp) in the area.  Please extend your grace and make her feel welcome! Contact Marianne 442-6212 or Peter 616-1360 for more information.

Pastoral Care Team Office hours:
For those in need, our dedicated team of Pastoral Care Volunteers are available to provide guidance and deep listening. With Covid restrictions lessoning, Shawn Nichols has begun to hold open office hours at HUUF once again from 12-3 on Mondays. Tom Lewis is holding office hours weekly on Thursdays from 12-3. Other members of the team are available by appointment. Contact them directly; Suzanne KimmelTodd Hoberecht or inquire through the office 


~ Virtual Green Sheet ~

  • HUUF’s CAC meets this Sunday, May 9  at 1pm on Zoom – All are Welcome! Join the meeting HERE 
  • REMINDER: HUUF Board Meetings are open to ALL MEMBERS. The Board is currently meeting on Zoom. The next Board meeting is from 7-9 PM on Tuesday, May 11. Join  the Zoom Meeting HERE
  • COMING UP – Join Us: May 16th 11:00 AM  for next Sunday’s Service: Milestones on a Spiritual Journey: While a few Unitarian Universalists were raised as UUs, most have found their way to this non-creedal spiritual congregation from various religious or secular backgrounds. Today a few members will share personal stories of childhood experiences and how and why they became Unitarian Universalists. Emphasis will be placed on moments of transition in perspective and understanding. Unitarian Universalists not only come from varied backgrounds, their current beliefs widely vary. That is why atheists, Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, Muslim, agnostics, etc., are all welcome and embraced. *Zoom links for Sunday Services are now being posted on our website
  • “Living into Our Values” – Plan to attend this special event! A Cooperative Decision Making Workshop with Cooperation Humboldt- hosted by HUUF – Saturday May 22 10am to 3 pm., in person, on the HUUF campus (outside). To find out more about this dynamic opportunity, contact Fellowship Engagement Coordinator, Amy Day @ or Cooperation Humboldt Education Coordinator, Ruthi Engelke @ . Register for the event  HERE
  • Save Paper- Submit your 2021/2021 fiscal pledge online!: It’s Easy.. just click HERE . Once you complete the form, click the submit button and your pledge promise will be received, recorded and tracked by the office.
  • HUUF Summer Retreat will not be happening this year: A Board decision has been made to err on the side of safety as we continue to navigate our way out of this Pandemic. — We will continue to look forward to enjoying the relaxation of the Mattole together in the summer of 2022.
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