The Weekly 2/25/2022

“ A lot of people resist transition and therefore never allow themselves to enjoy who they are. Embrace the change, no matter what it is; once you do, you can learn about the new world you’re in and take advantage of it.”
~ Nikki Giovanni




~ A Call to Connection ~


  • Sunday Service Announcement
  • Religious Exploration Corner
  • Fellowship Engagement Opportunities
  • Climate Action Campaign
  • Caring Connection
  • Message from Rev. Farriday and the BoT
  • Fellowship Happenings
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HUUF Sunday Services

Sunday Services will continue on Zoom only for the near future.

BUT, as state and county restrictions shift and the weather for meeting outdoors is agreeable, the COVID Safety Team is considering a recommendation to shift back to in person gatherings as early as mid March

Updates will be posted in the service announcement emails, in the Weekly and on the website

Until then, please plan to join us on Zoom


At the Table
Join us in our continued exploration of Food As Ministry.
Sunday February 27 at 10:30 AM – In person at the Fellowship
 Get into Action! 

This is a chance for  Fellowship members, friends and families to make an offering from the heart by engaging in the work of Beloved Community. We will gather for Mass Meal Preparation at HUUF on Sunday February 27th at 10:30 AM. (masking and distancing observed)
The meals we prepare will offer the comfort of a lovingly prepared meal to those who are currently experiencing hunger and/or homelessness in our region.

Sing up  to contribute ingredients for the meal prep
Sign up  to Join us in person for: At the Table Service in Action

Please contact DLRE Amy Day @ for questions or more information.


Teen Council meets this week

Our efforts will take place off-campus, distributing food to those experiencing homelessness.  For more info, contact Teen Coordinator Sabrina Miller @



Engage with Weekly Sunday Services:  join us on Zoom


At the Table 

Join Amy Day At 10:30 am
In person, at the Fellowship for a food preparation effort

In-person sign up
Connect on Zoom at 11 am
Sunday, February 27th 
connect to the Service on Zoom

Join us in our continued exploration of Food As Ministry as we partner with members of the core team of Cooperation Humboldt in a mass food preparation effort for those currently experiencing hunger and/or homelessness in our region.

This will be a chance for all Fellowship members to make an offering from the heart and from the confines of our kitchen and common spaces. We will observe masking and social distancing, light our chalice and center ourselves in our values and intentions, then roll up our sleeves and get to this vital piece of the work of Beloved Community.

For those not currently attending in person, a representative from Cooperation Humboldt will be presented in our Zoom service to talk about the outreach efforts they are engaged in, and ways we can support them in this work for the long haul.



 It Matters What We Believe 

Join Rev. Peter Farriday & Rev. Tom Lewis
Sunday, March 6th at 11 am.
Unitarian Universalism is one island of religious tolerance in what at times seems like a sea of religiously motivated bigotry. It begins with blessing, not sin, and inspires people to grow into their fullest potential, not threaten or shame them into conformity or the denial of their authentic personhood. This is sacred work because, as Sophia Lyon Fahs wrote, “It matters what we believe.”




Room to Write

Join Amy Day, weekly on M/W/F at 11am on Zoom for a hosted co-writing space. This is a “Room to Write” for those who want to dedicate more time to the craft and practice of putting words on the page. We’ll do a (very brief) check-in, then mute ourselves and work for 75 minutes or so on our individual projects, then come back together at the end for a brief check-out. Please note: At present, this is NOT a critique group, simply a co-working space, so please don’t bring writing you want to have read aloud and receive feedback on. Do bring whatever tools (laptop or journal) you need to write.

This space will happen M/W/F from 11am – 12:30 pm via Zoom.



CAC is co-sponsoring a Zoom presentation with Maggy Gainer & Julie Neander on March 2nd at 7 PM  (see details  below)

In connection with this evening event, CAC recommends the following  articles:
“Don’t Let Consumerism Co-Opt the Zero Waste Concept”.
And, from this issue of TreeHugger:
“How to Become a Zero Waste Gardener.” 



What We Can Do to Reduce Food Waste:
CA Food Waste Reduction Laws

Wednesday, March 2nd from 7:00 – 8:00 pm

A special webinar presentation with Julie Neander and Maggie Gainer entitled “What We Can Do to Reduce Food Waste: CA Food Waste Reduction Laws”– followed by a Q&A.

The impetus behind this presentation is SB 1383 which became effective in January, 2022. Various sections of SB 1383 or California’s Short-Lived Pollutant Reduction Law aim to reduce the production of short- lived but very potent greenhouse gasses, such as methane from landfills, and seek to address food insecurity issues in the state.

Julie Neander, a long time HUUF member, has recently retired from Environmental Services with the City of Arcata. Maggie Gainer is a co-founder of and consultant/trainer for Zero Waste Humboldt. Both have considerable experience working on local and state issues of waste reduction and resource sustainability.

This event is co-sponsored by ZWH, 350 Humboldt, NEC,  Temple Beth El and the Earth Care Committee of the Arcata Presbyterian Church

Please join us for this free event on ZOOM



Public Banks for Community Action

On Monday, March 7, at 7 pm, CAC is co-sponsoring with 350 Humboldt a talk by David Cobb who will describe how public banks function to keep our tax dollars working locally to meet community needs. Examples include backing climate change mitigation and adaptation measures and financing housing weatherization in disadvantaged communities. In addition, he will highlight provisions of AB 857, the Public Banking Act of 2019. The law provides a pathway for cities, counties, and joint powers authorities to start public banks.

David is the Humboldt County and North Coast Regional Director of The California Public Banking Alliance. He is also the Director of Cooperation Humboldt and the 2004 Green Party candidate for President.

Register for this free event:




Join the Food Train Campaign!
Peggy Ho Has been experiencing difficulties with extreme lower back and hip pain. Husband, Wally can only do so much he’s getting tired! Take out meals have been sustaining them both, but Peggy is trying to loose weight to ease the pressure on her back. A lovingly prepared healthy (low fat) meal would make all the difference! Can you help? (please read the special instructions area on the form.)


From Rev. Farriday & the HUUF BoT


Rev. Farriday will end HUUF tenure on 6/30/22.
Read his and the Board of Trustees’ messages about this:

link to the message HERE


Fellowship Happenings

  • HUUF Newsletter: The March edition of the HUUF monthly newsletter is available now on the website ~ click HERE to view it.
  • Looking for Some Muscle!: Dear HUUF members, your aging Grounds Committee could use some help on Saturday, March 12, 10 am to 1 pm. We have extra sifters, wheelbarrows and a tamper, and hope to finish sifting soil from the walkway spoils. We’ll add compost and fill in the sides of the new walkway with it to eliminate a drop-off. We’ll follow that with seeding, cover with straw, and pray that Mother Nature will supply the water! Come for an hour if that’s all you have, we’ll be grateful. If you know you can come, let us know: Many thanks, Your Grounds Committee
  • There’s nothing like a word of mouth recommendation!: HUUF is still on the hunt for an adequate Technical Coordinator to replace our beloved Scarlett. We are truly blessed that the multi talented Scarlett has agreed to keep on keeping on until we find a new hire.. The trouble is we are not getting many (any) applicants- Yikes! If YOU know of anyone who might be interested in joining the HUUF team. Please let us know. The full job description is on our website under the “employment” tab

  Donations Gratefully Accepted:  ~ Many thanks.

  • We are continuing to “pass the collection plate” for Scarlett’s final send off. Our Beloved Scarlett has continued to grace us with her talents as HUUF keeps searching for a capable Tech replacement. She is leaving us soon and is looking to move to the East Bay. Moving is a big expense! Any gifts you are moved to give are appreciated. There is a collection jar in the HUUF office, you can stop in, you can send a check or donate on Venmo. (Donations can be made to HUUF with a notation in the memo line: “For Scarlett”)

Sunday February 27 is our next “Service in Action” Event: An in person small group gathering at the Fellowship during our regular Sunday Service hours. This months “Action” supports food ministry by preparing food for distribution to those living without a shelter. Sunday service will still be offered on Zoom for those who are unable to jump into action.

Sunday March 6:
Join us for Service beginning at 11 AM – It Matters What We Believe with Rev. Peter Farriday and Rev. Tom Lewis

Sunday March 13 – Congregational Meeting: Mark your calendars and plan to attend the next All Congregation Meeting scheduled for directly after Service, on Zoom, March 13 .
Zoom links for all services are accessible HERE


Staff Office Hours


OFFICE – Congregational Administrator, Bridgette Garuti, on campus: 9:30-4:30 Monday-Wednesday, available by email only on Thursdays.

DLRE – Amy Day, on campus: Tuesday and Wednesday

TECH – Scarlett Tripsmith,  available by email

MINISTER – Peter Farriday, : Open hours on campus: Tuesdays from 11am – 1pm  and  Wednesdays from 1:30 – 4:30.
General availability: 11:30am – 6pm M-F when he doesn’t speak that coming Sunday; or M-Th 11:30am – 6pm on weeks he does.

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